Chahal funny ‘Kul-Cha’ tweet comes after first series victory in South Africa

Chahal funny ‘Kul-Cha’ tweet comes after first series victory in South Africa

On previous night Team India won the 5th ODI by 73 runs and created history by winning their first Bilateral series in South Africa. It is the first time in Indian cricket history when team India succeed to win a Bilateral series in South Africa. After losing the test series against South Africa, Team India made an excellent start of this series by winning first three matches of this series. All winning credit goes to Indian spinners–Yuzvedra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav, who have taken 30 wickets in this Bilateral series so far. In last game, these two spinners picked six wickets and eliminated the remaining hopes of  South Africa.

Today on 14 February when all world is celebrating Valentine’s Day, Indian Leg Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal posted a photo on Twitter with his teammate and the most successful bowler of this series–Kuldeep Yadav, where he is giving the credit of last night victory over South Africa by calling himself ‘Kul-cha’. Kulcha is a type of Indian Bread which is made from flour, milk, and butter, Which is eaten as a supplement with favourite Indian dish “Chole”. This is one of the most popular street food in North India as well as in West India.

Chahal has picked 13 wicked and racing with his partner Kuldeep, who have taken 17 wickets in this series so far. In fifth ODI they have broken the record of West Indies All-rounder Keith Arthurton of more wickets taken by an overseas spinner in Bilateral series in South Africa. Kuldeep and Chahal are the most successful spin bowling pair in Indian cricket history ever.

Most wickets for India’s spinners in a bilateral series
Against Host Year ODIs Wkts Avg SR ER Most wkts
SA SA 2018 5* 30 14.63 17.8 4.92 Kuldeep (16)
Eng Ind 2006 6 27 23.66 33.9 4.18 Harbhajan (12)
NZ Ind 2016 5 26 18.53 25.3 4.38 Amit Mishra (15)
WI Ind 1987/88 7 24 35.75 48.0 4.46 Ravi Shastri (9)
SA Ind 2000 5 24 33.54 40.7 4.93 Sunil Joshi (8)
NZ Ind 2010 5 24 23.33 27.5 5.09 R Ashwin (11)
Zim Zim 2013 5 24 16.70 25.6 3.91 Amit Mishra (18)


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