AJ Styles wins the WWE Championship, Defeats Jinder Mahal

AJ Styles wins the WWE Championship, Defeats Jinder Mahal

AJ Styles has won the WWE Championship in England. Styles defeated the reigning Champion, Jinder Mahal with a Phenomenal Forearm and got the three count. But initially, it was looking as if Mahal would triumph again, as he put in one of his best performances in the ring, slamming Styles to the announce table. The match ended in twenty minutes. Styles began to regain control of the game after shoving Mahal off the rope and would’ve gotten a three count, but Mahal’s brother dragged him away, so that the action couldn’t be accomplished. But, Styles won in the end, leaving Mahal on the floor, and exhausted.

Next, Styles would be facing against Brock Lesnar, and could be going against the large group in the pay per view competition to  be held on Sunday.

This must be a very exciting moment for Styles, defeating someone who has been a champion for six months, and will give him confidence for going ahead. Jinder Mahal seems to have faced with a loss for the first time, and will be thinking of going back to his victory and the Pay-Per view match on Sunday to re-establish himself again. There will be more updates on Sunday.

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