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Actor Arbaaz Khan confesses to IPL Betting, Other big names may be revealed

Actor Arbaaz Khan confesses to IPL Betting, Other big names may be revealed
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Bollywood actor-producer Arbaaz Khan has admitted that he is involved in betting in IPL matches. Police officials, who were involved in the investigation said this after interrogation. On Friday, the summons was sent to Arbaaz Khan from Thane police. A five-member team, including senior inspector Pradeep Sharma, has been set up to interrogate Arbaaz Khan in this case. Arbaaz Khan reached Thane police station at 11 am on Saturday morning for interrogation. Before leaving for questioning, Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan met with his parents in the Galaxy apartment.

Actor Arbaaz Khan reached in a Black BMW car with his Bodyguard Shera at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. During this time, the media tried to ask him some questions, but he did not respond. Arbaaz Khan’s name is among those who made huge bets in the scam run by one of India’s top speculators Sonu Jalan alias Sonu Malad. Sonu Malad has been kept in police custody. According to some reports that Arbaaz has to pay Jalan Rs 3 crore. It is said that Arbaaz had betted during the recently concluded IPL, in which he lost and did not pay. The bookie threatened them that if money is not given, then they will disclose it. Arbaaz’s name surfaced during Jalal’s interrogation and some photos of Arbaaz and Jalan were also revealed.

Bookie Sonu Jalan revealed in an interrogation that he had fixed two matches with the help of his colleagues. The first fixed match was a Test match, played between Sri Lanka and Australia in 2016. The second match was a domestic cricket match between Pakistan’s senior cricketers.

What’s the matter?

The Thane Police’s Crime Branch’s Anti-Recovery Cell (AEC) had busted the gang on May 15. A few days ago, Thane Anti-Extortion Cell had arrested three bookies in the case of betting during the IPL match. In the interrogation of these speculators, the name of the famous bookie Satya Jalan came out. After that, when India’s top Bookie Sonu Jalan was arrested and questioned, he told that many Bollywood celebrities have betted in IPL with different names.

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