Uttar Pradesh Civic Polls 2017: A comparison of results

Uttar Pradesh Civic Polls 2017: A comparison of results

The results for the Uttar Pradesh Civic Polls 2017 have started to come out in earnest, and it seems that BJP party is in lead from the very beginning. Something similar happened in 2012, when BJP won in a clean sweep of the state, but as the counting continues, it could falter and other parties could take lead. BJP is currently leading with 10, Congress with 1 and BSP with 5 seats. BJP is also leading with 13 seats of 16 Mayoral seats. The elections is a real test of Yogi Adityanath’s leadership, since he has made some really controversial statements and decisions till now, but could have an effect on the Hindu community.

The last time, BJP won 10 of the 12 Mayoral seats, so their track record is strong till now. However, BSP shouldn’t be discounted and could even do better this time around. It already has a lead with 4 seats.

A very disappointing, 52 percent of people voted in this election. If we look at last time, it seems that BJP is behind in the number of seats it has a hold on, but it could compensate with it. In Merut, BSP is leading with ten thousand votes, which is indeed a disadvantage for BJP party for now.

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