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Theoritical Concept of SP-BSP and Congress against BJP in Uttar Pradesh

Theoritical Concept of SP-BSP and Congress against BJP in Uttar Pradesh

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, opposition parties have waited for the BJP to overcome. In UP, the alliance has become a theoretical consensus in the SP-BSP and Congress. According to one of the Congress sources, the alliance will not be limited to Amethi Rae Bareli only. The sharing of seats is yet to be discussed. After this consent, Political mercury can be clamped in the country’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh in terms of political and population. Madhya Pradesh Congress Incharge and General Secretary Deepak Babaria had told that the ongoing dialogue with the BSP in the state is going on in a satisfactory way. The issue of the seat-sharing formula is confidential. We do not want to say anything ahead of the media. When the decision is made then we will tell about it.

What is the theoretical Concept of SP-BSP-Congress(Grand Alliance) in UP and Bihar?

  1. Narendra Modi will not be the Prime Minister if alliance become in UP and Bihar properly.
  2. To become Prime Minister in the 2019 elections, Narendra Modi and BJP need 230-240 seats. If less seat comes and Choice gets, then NDA’s ally Narendra Modi will not be chosen as Prime Minister.
  3. One of the major opposition parties about the widespread coalition against BJP is that first of all, it is to defeat the BJP and the RSS by contesting elections with strength in their respective areas.

  1. The process of Grand-Alliance and leadership against the BJP-RSS has two levels. First, contest the elections in your stronghold and then on the basis of the winning seats, Prime Minister candidate should be decided.
  2. There has been a strategic understanding about the alliance in UP. The sharing of seats is yet to be discussed.
  3. There are three assembly elections being held in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Rajasthan this year, and the BJP as a government of these three states. After these elections, seats will be disclosed.

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