I-T department raids on premises of V.K. Sasikala in Chennai and Madurai

I-T department raids on premises of V.K. Sasikala in Chennai and Madurai

Today, income tax department has conducted more raid on the properties linked to the AIADMK leader Sasikala. As per the reports, the I-T department led raids to the house of VK Sasikala and her family in Chennai and Madurai. Income tax department raided over 20 major properties along with the three different business groups. Also, the income tax department raided the prominent properties of the Spectrum Mall and Spectrum multiplex cinema group. And the department is carrying out the investigation on the premises of the Marg group, Millennium and S2. The raid on the V.K. Sasikala family and business associates is the part of a crackdown on the properties by income tax department.

As per the reports, this month the I-T department raided more than 40 locations across the country. And it had recovered more than Rs 5 crore cash and jewellery. And it raided around 187 properties after finding the evidence of large tax invasion. Also, yesterday the I-T raided the Sula vineyards in Mumbai and Nashik.

The I-T department raid on over 187 properties includes the residence of the former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa then the department moves to the house of V.K Sasikala. Now around 21 premises of Chennai and 12 of Madurai along with four companies under scanner by I-T department.

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