Rift in Shiv Sena-BJP Continued, could contest seprately in Maharashtra

Rift in Shiv Sena-BJP Continued, could contest seprately in Maharashtra
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Amit Shah held a meeting in Mumbai in view of the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections amidst unbelief by Shivsena after the no-confidence motion. Amit Shah clearly told the party workers in the meeting that they have to prepare to contest the Lok Sabha elections alone in Maharashtra. BJP President Shah is preparing for the Lok Sabha elections. Maharashtra is in those states where there is dire situation for BJP. The oldest associate is not taking the name of the depression with the Shiv Sena. Shah said in the meeting, “Whatever conditions happen to the coalition, we should be planned for it. We have to prepare ourselves to fight alone on our own. The party will take the last decision on the coalition. At every booth, we have to prepare four bike riders. Prepare four lakh bike riders on these 1 lakh booths.

Shah told the workers in the meeting, “There is no such expectation that all our work will be done in the ruling party.” He said that under the ‘A Booth 25 Youth’, the responsibility of the booth composition and their appointments on the expansionists, Booth Members will have to be in touch with at least 5 families. Both leaders stay on WhatsApp group, religious festivals and national programs to be organized at the Booth level. Those who are in contact should be taken out for voting. Keep in mind that at least 51% voting should be followed on every booth. Share the benefits of government schemes to the public.”

In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP won 23 and Shiv Sena won 18 Lok Sabha seats. In the Assembly elections, the BJP demanded more seats in the year-old alliance on the strength of the Modi wave and the two parties contested separately after 25 years. BJP won 122 assembly seats and Shiv Sena won 63 seats. However, later Shiv Sena announced support to BJP and also joined the alliance government.

Shiv Sena and BJP once again contested separated in the municipal elections. In the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the Shiv Sena got 90 and the BJP won 82 seats. Then the BJP and the Shiv Sena combine. Both parties continued together to form the government, but the heart did not get it. The motion of disbelief has deepened this gap. Amit Shah drew the blueprint for the BJP to prepare for the elections alone.

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