Rahul Gandhi takes over as Congress President; criticised BJP’s efforts

Rahul Gandhi takes over as Congress President; criticised BJP’s efforts

Rahul Gandhi has finally taken the charge of the Congress party President after his mother Sonia Gandhi’s rule. On Saturday, amidst celebrations and hootings from the party workers echoed the lawns of the headquarters. After the stiff opposition and conspiracies, in and outside the party, the 47-year-old was appointed as the president of the party. Rahul Gandhi has been the sixth member of the Nehru-Gandhi family to take over as party president. He dethroned his mother Sonia Gandhi who has held the position for 19 years. Yesterday, the celebration of his victory extended at the Congress party lawns.

In this celebration, former India’s Prime Minister or the senior Congress leader Manmohan Singh marked his presence. Also, Rahul Gandhi’s mother Sonia Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi has handed over him the certificate of victory. In his speech after taking pledge as party president, Rahul Gandhi again countered BJP party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the reference that the structure of power attacks a person with distortions and lies the moment one stands with the poor. He added further that the Congress took India into the 21st century whereas the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking India back to the medieval past where people were slaughtered because of who they are, beaten for what they believe and killed for what they eat.

He lashed his criticism over BJP and PM Modi, said whose philosophy and history is born out of the love and compassion, by such horror then no amount of hugs can repair the damage done to the country. He stated PM Modi’s vision as the “Vision of that time where people did not have the rights and freedoms, a time when people did not have a voice and they did not have the right to dissent, to disagree, to differ, to be.” In support leader like P. Chidambaram tweeted that our idea of India is different from BJP, so, the youth will surely respond to our idea of India.

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