Rahul Gandhi raises question over PM Modi’s credibility

Rahul Gandhi raises question over PM Modi’s credibility

Today, the newly elected Congress president Rahul Gandhi raised questions over the credibility of PM Modi. After the results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections, the Congress President said that the results of the Gujarat Assembly had jolted the Bharatiya Janta Party. This statement of the Congress president is referring to the BJP’s claim for winning 150 seats in Gujarat elections. Whereas the BJP party has just managed to grab 99 out of the 182 seats in Gujarat. However, the Bharatiya Janta Party hold full majority across the Himachal and Gujarat state.

The newly elected president of Congress party, Rahul Gandhi said that it is clear signal that BJP’s political propaganda is no longer working on the people. He also added further that the BJP party has received a tremendous blow in Gujarat state. Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP’s development model for Gujarat is not acceptable by the Gujaratians, it just good for the marketing and propaganda, but it is hollow from inside. In the press conference, He added that the Monday’s outcome further, has raised questions over the credibility of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi also raised question that why PM Modi had not talked about the demonetisation and the GST issues while Gujarat campaign.

He said that “Gujarat people gave me a lot of love and they also taught me the biggest lesson that irrespective of your opponent’s anger or wealth, You can put god fight with love.” Yesterday, the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election results came out where BJP has managed to hold full majority across both the states. The Bharatiya Janta Party has grabbed 99 seats in Gujarat and 44 in Himachal Pradesh. However, the opposition Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi has accepted his defeat in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections but said PM Modi has credibility issues.

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