Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat says Congress will criticise PM Modi but won’t disrespect him

Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat says Congress will criticise PM Modi but won’t disrespect him
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Gujarat Assembly elections have just left with a month to get over. And every party is using their strategies to attract voters. Today, the Congress VP Rahul Gandhi addressed the rally in Gujarat where he said Congress will criticise PM Narendra Modi but won’t disrespect him. The Congress VP Rahul Gandhi is on a three-day tour in Gujarat for the campaigning of the upcoming elections in December. His complicated statement on PM Modi shows the Congress strategy for the elections. However, the poll bounded state Gujarat have marked a number of rallies of Congress and BJP. Perhaps, this is the first time when Rahul uttered this kind of statement.

In his speech in Banaskantha public meeting, Rahul Gandhi said we always showed the mistakes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and whatever we do is just to spot the faults of BJP, we won’t disrespect Prime Minister’s position. And forwarding this contradiction, he said when Modi Ji was in the opposition he used to disrespect Prime Minister. He said this is the difference between Congress and BJP.

However, this the new statement added to the Rahul Gandhi’s speech after criticising GST and demonetisation. In the earlier speeches, Rahul Gandhi was always used to counter BJP with GST as Gabbar Singh Tax and demonetisation as Black Money day. But, Today he was criticising BJP over the disrespect thing by referring to the BJP’s attacks on former PM Manmohan Singh during his tenure as prime minister of the UPA government.

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