Hardik Patel National convenor today accepted the reservation formula given by Congress. After his statement in the press conference, several ministers including Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel from the opposed his statement said Some foolish people have handed over a piece of paper to another set of fools,”. In the wake of this counter, Hardik Patel tweeted Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister called Patidar’s community foolish. He wrote “listen BJP people don’t consider Gujarat people as a fool, they will show you the public rule”. Today at the press conference in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, the Patidar quota leader declared his support to Congress for upcoming Gujarat elections.

However, Gujarat’s deputy chief minister Nitin Patel said Hardik Patel is a fool who accepting Congress quota formula. According to him quota promise for the Patidar’s community is hogwash. While on another side Patidar’s leader Hardik Patel claims that Congress said that they will bring reservation for the patidars par with OBC and non-reserved categories if they come into power.

Over last two year, Patidar convenor Hardik Patel brought PAAS agitation to seek of Patidars in the OBC list. And today he declared his support for the Congress party. He asked Patidar’s not to support BJP as Congress have accepted their demands for reservation of the Patel community.

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