MP Professor humiliated by ABVP Student Leaders; Rahul Gandhi slams

MP Professor humiliated by ABVP Student Leaders; Rahul Gandhi slams

Congress President Rahul Gandhi slams ABVP Student Leaders, after a video of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) came in limelight, in which the ABVP Student leaders are touching the feet of a teacher and then humiliating him. Congress President attacked the BJP on Saturday and said that the teacher, Guru, Brahma, Vishnu, considered Mahesh to threaten a teacher in this country. What is the sacrament to give. Significantly, in the viral video, a teacher is touching the feet of the leaders and saying “Batao kis kis se Maafi Maangna Hai“. This case is being reported to Rajiv Gandhi PG College located in Madhya Pradesh.

In the next two months in Madhya Pradesh, Political activities in the state are fast due to the Assembly elections. In view of this, Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a tour of the state. During this, he addressed many public meetings and attacked the Central Government with a sharp rally. The special thing is that Rahul is constantly trying to surround the allegations of alleged corruption over the Rafael deal with the Modi government.

In a video that has gone viral, professor Dinesh Gupta is seen running after the students, saying: “Kisse maafi maangu? Aao. Maine padhane ka apraadh kiya hai. Maafi maangta hun (who shall I apologize to next? Come. I should say sorry for committing the crime of teaching).” The ABVP leaders are seen trying to get away when he touches their feet.

Prof Gupta, a heart patient, had tried to stop them from shouting slogans when he was taking a class at Rajiv Gandhi Government College. His colleagues were outraged by his touching the feet of students, and the professors’ association debarred him and college principal R K Sohni for “failing to act against the students and maintaining discipline”.

Sohni said, “The students, who were in the college to submit a memorandum, shouted slogans in the corridors. Prof Dinesh Gupta asked them not to do so as his class was getting disturbed. However, one of the students claimed that the professor had asked them not to shout slogans about the nation. They began calling him anti-national and asked him to apologize.”

“This act was wrong, and seniors of the student union should think twice before appointing members in smaller regions,” Sohni added. Pawan Sharma, district convener of ABVP, said, “BSc students of fourth semester were agitated because their results were delayed by four months. I arrived at the college when they were giving a memorandum to officials. A verbal spat broke out between the students and the professor. I spoke to both parties and it was stopped then and there. We respect our gurus and will always do so.”

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