Mob lynching can stop when beef consumption stops, RSS Leader Indresh kumar says

Mob lynching can stop when beef consumption stops, RSS Leader Indresh kumar says

RSS chief, Indresh Kumar, the leader of the National Self Service Association and the guider of the Muslim National Forum, has given a controversial statement. In Jharkhand’s Ranchi, Indresh Kumar said on the blind inspection of Mob Lynching that if the beef is stopped, the violence of the crowd would also be stopped. Indresh Kumar said, “Violence in any mob, it is a house, a neighborhood, a caste, a party, it can never be congratulated. But there are no religions of the world that are not killed in their religious places. ” He further says, In Makkah Madina, the slaughter of cow is considered as a crime, can we not resolve that this ideology and humanity should be freed from this sin. If the cow slaughter stops, violence will automatically stop. ”

Crowd-based violence has taken the form of a major crime in India. More recently, in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, on July 21, the mob had killed a man named Raqqar in the suspected smuggling of cow slaughter and beat him till death. From 2012 to 2018, the crowd has carried out 87 incidents in the name of the cow in the country. 34 of the 289 victims of such violence have lost their lives. The Supreme Court of India has also rebutted the government on this. The Supreme Court had told the Center on 17th July that to consider the creation of new laws in Parliament to effectively deal with the killing of Peeth victims The bench attached to this comment had said that “these diverse activities of the crowd can’t be allowed to become new traditions.”

Talking about the matter of killing a youth by the villagers on the suspicion of being a cow smuggler, Union Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal said, linking the incident with history, “We condemn mobs lynchings but this is not a single incident. You have to find it back in history. Why does this happen Who should stop it? What happened in 1984 with the Sikhs was the biggest mobs of Lynching in this country’s history. “



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