Tamil’s versatile actor Kamal Haasan launched mobile app Maiyam Whistle on his 63rd birthday today. As per the reports, this app will works for the common people to fight against corruption. Kamal Haasan addressed the press on his birthday today, where he launched the app for the common people to fight against all the corrupt activities across the state. It is the forum for every citizen of India. While launching this app, Haasan said that he would go on a tour of Tamil Nadu before launching a political party.

Kamal Haasan said that his dream is to create good Tamil Nadu. So, he launched Maiyam Whistle app a platform for the public which aimed to reach out every person. In the press meeting, he also spoke about the Brahmin community said I do not belong to Brahmin community by there is nothing about feeling proud and shy about it. He also said that he has friends and families who belong from all communities.

However, Kamal Haasan app will be available to people from January 2018 as it is still on beta testing stage. As per the reports, Maiyam in Tamil known as the centre. It is a kind of digital platform to reach to the people of Tamil Nadu. And Whistle denotes to the whistleblowing order to find out wrong. Kamal Haasan said Maiyam Whistle help common people to blow the whistle on corruption and wrongdoings.

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