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Importance of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting in Singapore

Importance of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Meeting in Singapore
Written by Abhishek Lohia

American President Donald Trump and North Korean ruler Kim Jong are going to have a historical meeting in Singapore. It is historically because after forming North Korea (1953), for the first time, America has been meeting up to this country. China is the biggest sight on this meeting after 65 years, as he continues to support North Korea. If both countries agree on mutual conditions then North Korea will come closer to the US. For the meeting of Trump and Kim, Singapore government has spent Rs 100 crore for hosting his two enemy countries. With this host, Singapore’s international status and credibility will increase. Before this, in 2015, Singapore hosted the meeting of China and Taiwan. Both countries were met after 60 years.

The US and North Korea meet is not just for stopping nuclear weapons or destroying them, America wants to weaken China through North Korea. America wants to stabilize itself in the Pacific Ocean Region. That’s why he is trying to break the country’s standing with China. North Korea is as similar for China, like Israel for America. China supports North Korea, While America supports South Korea. Japan is also pressurizing the US to end North Korea’s nuclear weapons. But China would not want to finish North Korean’s nuclear weapons.

North Korea has plenty of uranium and plutonium. According to some media reports, North Korea has performed underground explosions six times since 2006. It is speculated that he also tested the hydrogen bomb. 

America has agreed to meet up with North Korea now. But in the case of the nuclear scenario, Trump has recently broken the nuclear deal with Iran. In 2015, Iran, together with the United States, Britain, Russia, China, France, and Germany, had decided to make a nuclear deal. Under the agreement, Iran had to reduce its uranium reserves and had to open Nuclear plants for monitoring. After the agreement, Iran had to destroy 98% of its uranium reserves. In return, economic restrictions on Iran were to be reduced by America. After the agreement, the restrictions imposed in Iran as oil and gas, business, financial transactions, air travel, have been reduced.

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