Himachal Pradesh elections 2017 turns into immense battle between BJP and Congress

Himachal Pradesh elections 2017 turns into immense battle between BJP and Congress
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Himachal Pradesh elections will be held on 9th November. And the politics over here turns out with various new twists and turns across the state. As both the fronts electing in Himachal Pradesh are coming over with new strategies and manifestos to attract Himachal Pradesh people. Today, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi visited Himachal Pradesh to conduct three election rallies in Sirmour, Chamba and Kangra district. However, earlier PM Modi has already addressed the rally in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh and justified Congress as a Laughing club.

The fight between both the fronts has turned into the immense battle. As on one side, incumbent Congress leader Virbhadra Singh accused of corruption but still fighting for the immense battle of Himachal Pradesh. And on another side BJP candidate Prem Kumar Dhumal who was remain the two time CM in Himachal Pradesh.

However, it is unclear that who will win the seat in Himachal Pradesh. So, If we see the facts, on one side Congress candidate Virbhadra Singh is out on bail on the corruption charges. While BJP on another hand, make Prem Kumar Dhumal a face of Himachal Pradesh who was the two time CM of the state. Perhaps, the rallies of both fronts have poured immense battle in the state. The Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi shielded incumbent CM Virbhadra and criticised GST along with demonetisation. Also, the Congress manifesto focuses on the youths and farmers. And on the other hand, BJP slammed Congress as a laughing club and claim that they will make Dev Bhumi corruption free. So, now we have to wait and watch who will be the king of Himachal Pradesh Assembly.

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