Gujarat Election Commission banned Pappu word for electoral campaign

Gujarat Election Commission banned Pappu word for electoral campaign

Election Commission has banned the use of word Pappu for upcoming Gujarat elections. On Tuesday, election commision come over with massive controversy on word Pappu. As per the reports, BJP has used word Pappu in the script of the electoral campaign that broke out election commission for the decision to ban using Pappu word. The election commission has vigorously opposed the use of word Pappu in the Bharatiya Janta Party script. The party uses Pappu word referring to the Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi. And the EC has requested the BJP party to remove Pappu word from the campaign ad.

In the series of letters Gujarat election commission extremely opposed the use word Pappu. Also, the committee which examined the script said the use of word ‘Pappu’ was objectionable. They referred it as the shame call to another party leader. The poll-bound state has immensely indulged in political controversy with Pappu word in campaign script.

However, the use or word was banned by election commission because indirectly it targets the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. And election commission said using Pappu word in embarrassing in Gujarat. Gujarat elections to be held in two phases on 9th and 14th December 2017. And the result for the Himachal and Gujarat will declare on the same day on 18th December.

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