Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: Stronghold of BJP or Congress

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: Stronghold of BJP or Congress

Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017: the much-awaited elections are here finally. Both the major parties have extensively set their campaign across the state. BJP and Congress have again started the campaigning process for the elections. These elections are going to be head to head fight between Congress and BJP. On one side Congress party in their manifesto promises to waive off the farm loans. They also promising special quota for the weaker communities and decided to provide nutritious food for labourers at Rs. 10 by setting up Indira canteens. According to the Congress electoral agreement with Hardik Patel’s PAAS (Patidar Anamant Andolan Samiti), the party also promised to award reservations to Patels.

However, the BJP party has not released its manifesto yet. As per the reports, the BJP expected to release its manifesto for the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017 in two days. Perhaps, BJP has a stronghold in Gujarat as it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state. Also, Gujarat is the state based on business personnel. So, the recent growth in India’s GDP and the initiatives like demonetisation, GST may help BJP to get through the Gujarat elections. Moreover, BJP’s recent success in Uttar Pradesh civic elections has enhanced their Gujarat campaign.

Although the Congress party is not so weak as Rahul Gandhi, have campaigned extensively in Gujarat. And while campaigning the Congress promised to expose BJP. In the stiff opposition, Congress criticised BJP’s note band and new tax initiatives and termed GST as Gabbar Singh Tax. Also, recently before the Gujarat elections, the Congress chose Rahul Gandhi as the new President of the party.

Furthermore, nothing is clear yet that who will flag their victory in Gujarat. The Gujarat elections 2017 to be conducted on 9th and 14th December 2017.

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