Gujarat Assembly Election 2017: Votings tomorrow; PM Modi extends fight on emotional pitch

Gujarat Assembly Election 2017: Votings tomorrow; PM Modi extends fight on emotional pitch

Finally, the tremendous Gujarat Election Campaign has over now. The Gujarat Election Second phase Campaign has again ended up with the controversial blame game between BJP and Congress. However, with the end of the election campaign now Gujaratians will get away from name calling conspiracy, worse comments and slander. The Gujarat Election 2017 second phase of the votings to take place tomorrow. For the second phase of the Gujarat Assembly elections, there are total 851 candidates in a queue for the polls of 93 seats on 14th December 2017. Although, the controversies and conspiracies between the BJP and Congress will end after the countings of the Gujarat elections.

Yesterday, on the last day of campaign PM Modi extended his prayers to the Ambaji Temple by visiting there through seaplane which took of from Sabarmati River and landed on Dobrai Dam. Whereas on another side, Congress newly elected president Rahul Gandhi held a press conference where he shared his views and ideas with Gujaratians. The last day of the campaign for the Gujarat Elections arouse controversy after the Congress leader Alpesh Thakor struck Imported Mushrooms comments over BJP during the rally in Gujarat. He said PM Modi eats the imported mushroom from Taiwan that makes him white.

These kinds of unacceptable comments during the rallies in the poll-bounded state depicts unseriousness of the politicians for the development of Gujarat. Earlier during the first phase of election, PM Modi called Rahul Gandhi Aurangzeb which sparked up controversy between BJP and Congress. However, this is not the end of the blame game. The Congress party followed the strategy for countering BJP on demonetization and GST issues as Gujarat is the state of traders. And the incumbent BJP countering Congress with their development model for the poll-bounded state. Yesterday, PM Modi made the emotional appeal from the Gujaratis on his Twitter. He urged sisters and brothers of Gujarat to vote in record numbers on the 14th.

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