Ease of Doing Business contradicted by Rahul Gandhi; Arun Jaitley slams on Twitter

Ease of Doing Business contradicted by Rahul Gandhi; Arun Jaitley slams on Twitter
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Ease of Doing Business marks a historic jump in the rankings as the outcome of all round and multi-sectoral reform push of Team India, PM Modi said. As per the tweet of PM Modi, it has never been easier to do business in India at earlier times. Now, India is welcoming the world to explore the economic opportunities. A day after the tweet of PM Modi, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi came over with his another attack on BJP. He said that it is just a handful of businessmen who have found the going easier. In his Tweet, he claimed that Narendra Modi for encouraging crony capitalism and failing to create jobs.

Rahul Gandhi in his Gujarat speech during the party’s campaign for upcoming election in the vote bound state of PM Modi criticised BJP at a public meeting over the ease of doing business, today. He slammed over the Amit Shah’s son case Jay Shah continuously and this time he targetted him by criticising ease of doing business.

However, this spread out over ease of doing business has contradicted by the Congress leader while encouraged by the BJP government. Both the front contradicting each other for upcoming elections. In the wake of ease of doing business, Arun Jaitley commented over Congress and wrote that the only difference between UPA and NDA is the ease of doing corruption has replaced by the ease of doing business.

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