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Defence Ministry approves Military Procurement worth Rs 3000 crore

Defence Ministry approves Military Procurement worth Rs 3000 crore
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Defense Ministry on Saturday sanctions the military purchase of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles for the two Navy’s two stealth frigates (warships not seen in the radar’s signal) and armored recovery vehicle for Army’s main battle tank ‘Arjun’. A senior official gave this information. Senior Army officials said that both the procurements were obtained from the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC). DAC is the top body of Defense Ministry’s decision-making on defence procurement. “The DAC has approved the purchase of defence equipment worth Rs 3,000 crore, under the chairmanship of Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman,” the official said.

India is buying two stealth frigates of one billion dollars and both vessels will be equipped with indigenously built Brahmos missiles. “The country-made BrahMos missile is a tested and certified supersonic cruise missile and it will be kept as a primary weapon on these ships,” the official said. India is procuring two stealth frigates at a cost of USD 1 billion and both the ships will be equipped with indigenously developed BrahMos missiles. DAC had earlier approved the purchase of equipment worth more than Rs 9,100 crore in September.

Recently, India signed a contract to purchase the S-400 missile defense system from Russia. Despite the US objection, the agreement was signed. The US had banned Russia. Although the US later said that the ban on Russia was imposed for its fatal behavior. He also clarified that any discount will be based on the deal basis.

The Bramohs missile is three times faster, four-times more accurate and nine times more impactful than comparable enemy missiles. The cruising altitude of the missile can go up to 15 km. It can fly as low as 10 meters. The nuclear-capable missile carries a conventional warhead weighing 200-300 kg.

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