Arun Jaitely holds a live conference, talks about the economy of the country

Arun Jaitely holds a live conference, talks about the economy of the country
Written by Abhishek Rana

Arun jaitely has held a live conference to announce a new decision made by the government, and as he said, the government thinks that the country keeps developing its economy and thinks that there are always disadvantages in such developments, but there are always benefits. And that the government thinks that the financial structure of the country is still strong, and that they have made a decision regarding the financial mood of India. A detailed plan would be announced to the public and then the journalists will then be allowed to ask questions, and they will be provided every details they need.

The speakers tell that the government has the intention of improving the economy of the country, and that the problems faced by the people is because of the structure is still being formed and that once it has been established, the economy will flourish with ease and people will be able to drive satisfaction from the results.

The Finance minister hasn’t made an annoucement yet, but the members have been summarizing the steps taken by the the government to ensure a solid economy for the country and all the efforts that will be made in future to secure it.



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