AAP party has begun its campaign in poll-bound state Gujarat. Nowadays, Twitter is trending with hashtag #Donate4CleanPoliticsInGuj. As per the reports, the Aam Admi Party is also up to contest Gujarat elections 2017. However, it seems like there are only two parties polling in Gujarat as the media has popularised the campaign of Congress and BJP more rather than other contesting parties. Recently, the Aam Admi party has announced the first list of the candidates for the eleven constituencies including Rajkot that is represented by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

Although, it’s contesting seats of AAP is unclear yet. And it is also reported, that AAP has refused to join the hands with any other parties. It is standing alone in this immense battle of Gujarat between Congress and BJP. Perhaps, it’s difficult for AAP to hold any seat in Gujarat, it is still contesting without any fear from big parties like BJP and Congress.

AAP is the incumbent party of India’s capital state Delhi. After Delhi, Punjab and Goa now AAP is heading forward for the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017. According to sources, officials said only Kejriwal and state prabhari Gopal Rai posters will be used across the poll-bound state Gujarat for the campaigning, rallies and events. After fighting in the past with several promises, now AAP has to come up with some new strategies to change people perspective towards Aam Admi party.

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