Women’s Day 2018: How to celebrate it and the meaning of it

Women’s Day 2018: How to celebrate it and the meaning of it

Women’s Day is a day which pays a great amount of respect to women. The first women a person come across in the world when he is born is his mother. When a person starts respecting his mother, he starts accepting the reality of the world of respecting others women too. These are the certain intellectual that a person holds. Nowadays, it is often seen that women are no less than men. Once there was a time when women hold no respect and were not even paid any importance. They were just present to cook food and look after the house but today every woman go out and participate in the activities and even shares a great hand in the house.

International Women’s day is celebrated on March 8, 2018 all over the world to show respect towards a woman. On this day, every man makes his girl feel special. They tell them what is her’s importance in his life. This day everyone has the freedom to do anything. Women don’t need a specific day to celebrate instead every day should be a women’s day. This day many events will take place in almost every city. Many seminars, events, workshops and plays will take place in which the importance of women will be specified.

In workshops, people are made aware of their rights. The rights they hold. They make people aware that women should be given educational workshops, women’s should know the importance of all the rights. Many schools celebrate this day by wishing everyone women’s day and making them feel special. They organise a special celebration for this. This day is basically made for making everyone feel special and increasing the awareness regarding the educational and all other rights. This day is celebrated in almost all countries around the globe.

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