Valentine’s Day Quotes, Images, Messages for Whatsapp and Facebook to send your Love

Valentine’s Day Quotes, Images, Messages for Whatsapp and Facebook to send your Love
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Valentine Week begins on February 7, and the 14th February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day Meaning of Love Day for which youth eagerly waits. To make this occasion special and memorable, loving couples give gifts to each other. Though love is not worth any money, but this festival of love is also associated with the business. Businessmen also eagerly await this opportunity to earn money. The most important thing about Valentine Week is that every day is something special for everybody. For Valentine’s week, every couple is busy in their preparations to plan the surprise for each other. Someone will be busy in the gifts selection for their partner, then someone has started preparations to make their first Valentine’s Day special and memorable.

If you want to wish or send romantic valentine’s day Quotes and Messages here we have some special WhatsApp and Facebook Valentine’s SMS for your loving partner.

Valentine’s Day Quotes, Images, Messages for Whatsapp and Facebook 

V: Valentine, you’ll be

A: Always mine; as my only

L Love.You’re an

E: Extra-ordinary Person and I have this

N: Never ending longing always to be

T: together with you forever. simply said,

I: I love you and

N: Nothing can change this feeling till

E: Eternity

Happy Valentine’s Day

No Matter how busy we get, we will always be the loving sweethearts, This Valentine’s day let’s Remember all the beautiful and cool moments we spent together

Happy Valentine’s Day

Everone Says you only fall in love once but that’s not true, because every time when I see you, I fall in Love all over again.Happy Valentine’s day my love.

I do not know Why, I like you, I do not know why, I Feel Sad on a day when, I do not see your Face, I only know one thing that, I do not Bear any meaning without you, If I know what LOVE is, It is because of YOU, I love U

Happy Valentine’s Day

I loved you Yesterday, I love you Still I always Have… I Always Will

Happy Valentine’s Day

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