Some unknown facts about Cardiac Arrest : Symptoms and Remedies

Some unknown facts about Cardiac Arrest : Symptoms and Remedies

Cardiac arrest is a condition in which the heart of the person is not functioning properly. In this, the valves of the heart are thick and the blood supply is stopped. This is a condition in which the heart is not able to pump the blood. In this condition, usually, the patient is offered an immediate treatment which includes the aspirin tablet. As in a conversation with,  Dr. Mohita Gupta discussed about the symptoms, causes and the immediate remedies that should be taken for thinning of the blood. There are no specific symptoms for the cause of Cardiac arrest.

Symptoms of Cardiac arrest :

The symptoms of the cardiac arrest are different. People who suffer from Cardiac arrest must feel pain in the chest, their body energy usually drops down. The valves are thick and the heart functioning is rendered. In this, people usually black out. They can fall unconscious at any time. Their energy level is low and they usually get tired after working for a long time. The eyes of the person usually turns yellow and the body color usually fades away.

Remedies of Cardiac arrest:

Immediate treatment for a cardiac arrest is CPR. People must have breathing tubes with them. The person who is suffering from this must drink a lot of water. Aspirin is a medicine which usually thins blood and blood clots. All strokes cannot be treated with Aspirin. A medication known as TPA should be given to the patient. Aspirin is an immediate treatment whereas after referring the patient to Aspirin the patient must be taken to a doctor.

Cardiac arrest should not be confused with Heart attack as they are two different diseases and the symptoms are different. Aspirin should be not given in all strokes. Blood supply to the heart should be proper to live a healthy life.

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