Tips for Diwali photography: 5 Easy tricks to capture better images in low-light

Tips for Diwali photography: 5 Easy tricks to capture better images in low-light

Diwali is just at its door and most of you have begun decorating your homes. The lights, rangoli, candles and spark do enthrall and create a sense of festive mood. Preserving the best moments is one thing that we all like to do, but when it comes to capturing it with smartphones it becomes difficult and tricky at times. But in case If you are planning to shoot firework, a close-up of the diya’s flame, or even a brighter shot of the rangoli in dimly-lit condition, there are few tricks that you can follow to get good output in the low-light scenario. In this article, we have compiled five simplest and easiest tricks that you can consider while taking night shots for this festival-Diwali.

How to Click Diwali Best Shots in Low Light?

To get good shots and Image Quality at night, good exposure is required to brighten and smoothen the image. The Exposure is basically determined by three setting points: Aperture, ISO, and a shutter. While these modes earlier pertained only to high-end cameras, smartphone manufacturers have now begun implementing it on mobile phones under the moniker ‘Pro mode.’ This mode allows you to tweak the exposure value, shutter speed and even adjust focus manually.

                                                                                  1)Trick No.1

Adjusting shutter speed is necessary because its determine the image sensor and the length of time is exposed to light. For a brighter image in low-light, you can also use longer shutter speed, for instance, 1/200th second, 1/100th second that will allow you to more light to fall into the sensor. And you can also increase the ISO level as well for decent shots in a dark environment. However, we would recommend keeping ISO at a reasonable level to avoid noise creeping in the frame.

                                                                                 2)Trick No.2

If you want to shoot fireworks, chances are that a DSLR might deliver a better result with good details, exposure and colour balance. But if you want to capture with your smartphone it can be tricky at times. While it requires patience to wait for the right moment and snap the shot, one needs to keep the device stable to avoid shaky images.

                                                                                   3)Trick No.3

There are certain smartphones like VIVO, OPPO, and many more that comes with dual-OIS or OIS and EIS but these image stabilisers are not as powerful as a DSLR’s Vibration Reduction (VR) or Image Stabilisation (IS) lens. To save the shots from getting blurry you can use a glif stand or a mobile tripod. Since low-light shots require longer shutter speed these tools will come handy to get sharp photos at night.

                                                                                  4)Trick No.4

To get brighter shots in low-light, we often switch on the LED flash on our phone. The LED flash does help to illuminate the subject, however, the colours tend to get washed off and the image rather appears flat. To avoid such a situation, we would recommend sticking to environmental light wherever possible.

                                                                                  5)Trick No.5

If the stock camera app on your smartphone has a Night mode option, you can use it for taking low-light scenes. The mode tends to soften the image to an extent, however, it brightens the image that you might otherwise miss it while shooting it with auto mode.

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