Suryagrahan 2018 Partial Eclipse; Timing, Significance, Myths and Precautions

Suryagrahan 2018 Partial Eclipse; Timing, Significance, Myths and Precautions

Partial Solar Eclipse or Suryagrahan 2018: The last solar eclipse of the year will be seen on August 11 in Northern Countries. Earlier, in 2018, the solar eclipse was seen on 15th February and 13th July. As the Earth rotates continuously on its axis, it also rotates the Sun in the Solar System. When the moon passes between the sun and the earth, it stops some or all light from the sun. Which spreads over the earth. This phenomenon is called the solar eclipse. The last solar eclipse of the year will not be visible in India. People from many countries like North America, North Western Asia, South Korea, Moscow, and China will be able to see it. The solar eclipse in London starts at 9 o’clock in the morning. This solar eclipse in India will begin at 1 a.m. 32 min 12 hours before late on August 10.

Solar Eclipse 2018 (Partial Eclipse) Timing in India

This time Solar Eclipse will start from 1:30 in the afternoon of the Indian time and ends at 5 pm. The eclipse will take about 12 hours. However, according to the international time, the partial solar eclipse will start from 8 a.m. 2 min and end at 11.30 am.

Do and Don’t during Partial Solar Eclipse 2018

  • During the solar eclipse, worship and idol worship should not be followed.
  • It is believed that during the solar eclipse, the Tulsi and Shami plants should not be touched.
  • During the eclipse, eating is prohibited.
  •  Recognize that sleep should not occur during eclipse.
  •  It is the practice of uttering mantras at the time of the eclipse.
  • According to Hindu beliefs, after the completion of the eclipse period, people should take bath in holy rivers, if it is at home, Ganga Jal should be mixed in bath water.

Is it safe to see the partial solar eclipse?

Despite watching the solar eclipse, either partial or full should not be seen with open or naked eyes. However, there are many types of glasses available in the market to see the solar eclipse. Using these eyeglasses, you can become witnesses of this astronomical phenomenon without damaging your eyes. Sun eclipse can also be seen with the help of telescope or pinhole camera.

Timing Of Solar Eclipse in North America

This time there will be a partial solar eclipse happened, which will be seen in the northern hemisphere of the Earth i.e. from Northern Europe to East Asia and Russia. In India, this last solar eclipse of the year will not be insignificant. According to NASA, 65 percent of people living in these areas will be able to get partial solar eclipse.

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