Surya Grahan 2017 : Date and Timings of Solar eclipse in India

Surya Grahan 2017 : Date and Timings of Solar eclipse in India
Written by Ria Maheshwari

An eclipse or a Grahan, are generally considered as infelicitous, whether it is a Chandra Grahan (Moon eclipse) or a Surya Grahan (Solar eclipse). The reason why an eclipse happens is that when a stellar body conceals the lights from another celestial body by marching between it. Days of Chandra Grahan or Surya Grahan, are both auspicious for charity and bath, making it plausible whether Grahan’s are favorable or unfavorable. The solar eclipse in India will be marked tomorrow on 21st August.

Reason Behind Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse

The reason for Surya Grahan happens is when Moon comes in between Earth and Sun. This is the basic reason, but according to Hindu mythology, it comes with lots of hidden stories. The eclipse is related to the great pre-eminent legend Samudra Manthan.

Surya Grahan 2017  Date, Time And Effect in India

The date of Surya Grahan is August 21st, 2017, Monday and it will not be seen in India, but areas of South Africa, Northern Pacific region, Antarctica will be coming under the rays of Surya Grahan, in the time slot of 21:16 to 02:34 IST.

This year we will experience four Grahans, in which two will be Surya Grahan or Solar Eclipse and two will be Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse. A lot of charity, feeding the poor people, the sadhus and the brahmins are considered good soon after the day of the eclipse. Performing any activity during the Grahan is not considered auspicious. Few don’t to be kept in mind while Grahan is one should not take food, pregnant women’s are advised not to see directly as it can result in child’s health and one should forbid from sexual intercourse.

Live Streaming Of Surya Grahan 2017

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