Shradh dates 2017: beliefs, reason and significance behind Pitru paksh tarpan

Shradh dates 2017: beliefs, reason and significance behind Pitru paksh tarpan

Shradh is starting from 5th September 2017 and ends on 19th September 2017. Shradh is performed by Hindu people for the peace of their ancestors souls. There are many other beliefs and reason to perform rituals of Shradh. Let’s discuss the significance of Shradh.

Peace of Ancestor’s Souls

According to Hindu mythology rituals of shradh is perform for the peace of the souls of their ancestors. They believe if their ancestors’ souls were not in peace they can disturb their present generation.   Also, they love their ancestors and many feelings are attach with them family member always want that their loved once always remain in peace even after their death, so it is important to perform Shradh or tarpon during Pitru Paksha.

Ancestors Blessings

According to believe of Indian people, their ancestors are still watching and protecting them from the hurdles of life. They also believe that they are still giving blessings to them for their happy life. alive people also want to pay their gratitude and love to them by performing rituals of shradh or tarpan. They offer food and clothes to Brahmin and believe that it will received by their ancestors. They also pray to get their blessings on them.

Save from Effects of Unnatural Death

According to Hindu mythology person how died before the actual or natural time of death, their souls will get more disturbance. They died because of any accident or suicide. Their soul might get many difficulties to survive. Hindu people believe their soul can harm their present generation also. So Shradh and tarpan are performed by the family members to get rid of effects of unnatural death and for the peace of their soul.

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