Shradh 2017: Date, calendar, Rituals, timing and Vidhi of Pitru Paksha

Shradh 2017: Date, calendar, Rituals, timing and Vidhi of Pitru Paksha
Written by Ashish Sharma

The Shradh are beginning from date September 5 and ending on September 19 in year 2017. Shradh comes in the lunar month of Ashwin beginning with the full moon in Bhadrapada or next day of full moon and continue for 15 days followed by Indian calendar.  According to Hindu culture, they Honor and pay tribute to their ancestors by Tarpan and offering food and clothes for their ancestor’s relief. Doing shradh is the way of remembering, and showing their love for their ancestors or forefathers. These 15 days of shradh is known to as Pitru Paksha. Shradh or tarpan is performed on the death date of a departed member of the family. Their favorite food items and clothes are offered to Brahmins or Pandit’s and they expect and believe that this food and cloth reached to their ancestors. Period of Shradh is considered as the inauspicious time for shopping of new clothes and any other new item and to starting any new venture.

Necessity of Shradh

Performing Shradh and Tarpan rituals is very important for the peace of ancestors or forefather’s souls and for receiving their blessings. When one does not perform the rituals of Tarpan or Shradh for their ancestors Pitru Dosha will arise. This is believed that family members get in trouble by anyway if souls of their ancestors are not in peace.

How to do Rituals of Shradh

Shradh or Tarpan rituals perform on the death date according to Hindu calendar during Pitru Paksha.

  • Prepare pure vegetarian food, and prepare the favorite food of the departed person.
  • Don’t use onion and garlic in food
  • Cook Kheer and other food items, as per family traditions.
  • This food is offered to the Brahmins or Pandits
  • Also offer food to cows, crows, and dogs
  • Serve needful things and food items to beggars and old people

Offer prayers for the peace of souls of ancestors

Shradh 2017 calendar

05th September :- Purnima Shradha
06th September :- Pratipada Shradha
07th September :- Dwitiya Shradha
08th September :- Tritiya Shradha
09th September :- Chaturthi Shradha
10th September :- Maha Bharani, Panchami Shradha
11th September :- Shashthi Shradha
12th September :- Saptami Shradha
13th September :- Ashtami Shradha
14th September :- Navami Shradha
15th September :- Dashami Shradha
16th September :- Ekadashi Shradha
17th September :- Dwadashi Shradha, Trayodashi Shradha
18th September :- Magha Shradha, Chaturdashi Shradha
19th September :- Sarva Pitru Amavasya

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