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Section 377: No more crime but still a long way to go in India

Section 377: No more crime but still a long way to go in India
Written by Abhishek Lohia

We all live in the world consist of society parameters like straight marriages or love affair. The LGBTQ community suffered stigma whole this time with their fundamentals rights. On Thursday, the Supreme Court took a historic decision leading to new India with LGBTQ community rights against section 377. Finally the taboo got removed but still a large section of the country rejected it on the verge of the verdict. The new law have openly said every individual have equal right to lead their life and it should be accepted and respected by society at the same time.   After the decision announced by the apex court, There have been some reactions came that you will find compassion towards the thinking of civilized people. The LGBTQ community got their right from the law, but the real battle to gain respect from society has started now.

Social Media response about LGBTQ?

On Facebook, I have seen many mix respond from people, many were happy with progress of new India and some were still sharing their rejection over Supreme court decision.  Not only this, many people also say that this law has been passed under a conspiracy. Some foreign powers do not want that the relationship between women and men in India remained better and their numbers increased.

At the same time, most people argued that people of the LGBTQ community are mentally ill and their relationship is unnatural. Let me tell such people that the experts of mental illness have also made it clear that this is a physical condition which is similar in nature. Let me clarify here that under Article 377, a relation between two people in agreement with the consent of the law has been outside from crime category. Exploitation with children, sex with animals is still a crime. The court has clarified its point that it is a personal choice and should respect its personal decision.

People Don’t know about the LGBTQ issue!!!

People do not understand why they were fighting so far, what is the issue? It is moving people into the mind that they are being asked to be part of a community. Let me tell such people that this was a fight of right and honor. When we talking about respect, our society becomes selective and this is why people have to raise their voice on the streets.

What is IPC 377?

According to Section 377 of the IPC, if a person makes an unnatural sex, then he can be imprisoned for ten years along with life imprisonment or a fine. This section of the IPC is about 158 years old. Constitution Bench headed by CJI Dipak Mishra, part of Section 377, which keeps the unnatural sex in the purview of crime, is irrational, utterly wrong arbitrarily. The court said that it can not be defended. But the provision of making unnatural sex related to animals and children will remain in the category of crime and the culprits will be penalized.




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