Ram Navami 2018 : Rituals to be performed on this day

Ram Navami 2018 : Rituals to be performed on this day
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Ram Navami is the ninth day of the Navratri. It is observed that people keep fast for nine day and on the ninth day the fast comes to an end. This festival is usually celebrated in the spring season. This festival marks a huge importance in the Hindu culture. This is not a very major festival but the Hindu culture celebrates this day with great zeal. Different rituals are performed on this day. People on this day usually wakes up early and offer prayers to Sun. On this day, new clothes are made for the idols of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. The idols are offered flowers and the idols are bathed with water, milk and honey.

On this day, Bhojan, clothes and Dakshina is offered to the Brahmins. People worship Goddess Sita and Lord Ram on this day. Before mid day many pujas are performed. The people who had kept fast usually performs puja and the nine days long fast comes to an end. On this day, people makes different types of food. This is mainly celebrated in all parts of India. This day is celebrated with great zeal. The barley pot is also checked on this day. The pot represents the growth of wealth in ones life.

This comes on the ninth day of the Navratri. This is the last day of the Chaitra Navratri. Each day of the Navratri marks a different importance. All the nine avatars of the Goddess Durga is worshipped on this day. Each day of the Navratri marks a different importance and each day different Goddess is worshipped. People usually worship Goddess in the Temple. The last day of the Navratri is celebrated in different ways. People gather in temples and make an offering to Goddess Durga.

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