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Navratri Colours 2018: 9 lucky colours you should sport for the 9 reincarnations of Goddess Shakti during Navratri

Navratri Colours 2018: 9 lucky colours you should sport for the 9 reincarnations of Goddess Shakti during Navratri
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Navratri is being worshiped in nine forms of Maa Durga or Goddess Durga. Nine colors in the mother form are of great significance; 9 colors represent the nature of the goddess and represent the Navagrahas. These nine colors are said to have great significance in the scriptures. It is said that after 9 days of Navaratri, wearing these different colors will bring happiness and prosperity to the house. Let us know which color of the color of Navaratri is considered to be the auspicious day. One of the most prominent festive season for Hindus is all set to begin and we are quite excited. Festival that marks the beginning of the festive season is Navratri which ends with Dussehra on October 19. In this article, we are presenting you a list of colours that you should sport according to dhrik panchang on those 9 days to celebrate Navratri. Here we go.

Navratri 9 Lucky Colours 2018

Navratri colour Day 1 for Goddess Shailaputri: The first day of Navratri begins with all the celebrations and kalash sthapana. On this day wear something that is closest to royal blue if not the same colour. Offer ghee to the goddess Durga as she saves us from all the diseases.

Navratri colour Day 2 for Goddess Brahmacharini: Wear yellow on this day and offer sugar to Goddess Brahmacharini in order to increase the life expectancy of your family members.

Navratri colour Day 3 for Goddess Chandraghanta: On the third day Goddess Chandraghanta is worshipped who takes away your miseries. Wear green on this day and offer milk to her.

Navratri colour Day 4 for Goddess Kushmanda: Goddess Kushmanda takes away all your problems if you worship her on the fourth day and offer malpua to her. On this day wear only grey colour.

  • 9 colours that you should sport during Navratri for the 9 reincarnations of Goddess Shakti                                                                                                      (9 colours that you should sport during Navratri for the 9 reincarnations of Goddess Shakti  |
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Navratri colour Day 5 for Goddess Skandamata: If you Want your family to be more peaceful and happier? Then worship Goddess Skandamata on day 5 wearing something in orange shades or colour. Offer banana and honey to Goddess Durga while praying.

Navratri colour Day 6 for Goddess Katyayani: Goddess Katyayani helps you in remaining beautiful and healthy. So, while worshipping her, offer her honey and wear some shade of white colour.

Navratri colour Day 7 for Goddess Kalratri: Red is the colour of the day on the seventh day. Other than wearing something red, also make sure to offer jaggery to her in order to eliminate all the evil powers around you and in your house.

Navratri colour Day 8 for Goddess Mahagauri: This day and the day that follows have huge importance for those who observe fasts as they have to offer food to 9 girls who haven’t hit puberty. Wear blue while worshipping to Mahagauri who is a harbinger of prosperity and happiness and donate coconuts to Brahmins.

Navratri colour Day 9 for Goddess Siddhidatri: This is the 9th and the final day of observing the Navratri fasts. Wear a shade of pink colour on this day while worshipping Goddess Siddhidatri and offer sesame seeds to her as she saves your family from unfortunate incidents and mishappenings.

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