Navaratri Garba is celebrated in Gujarat with Garba foot-tapping songs

Navaratri Garba is celebrated in Gujarat with Garba foot-tapping songs

We all know that Navaratri is approaching the whole nation is preparing for this grand annual festival being celebrated by the Hindu community full-fledgedly. But there is one state where Navaratri is considered incomplete without Garba and that is no other than the state of Gujarat where Navaratri is celebrated with a twist of Garba dance in it. People wear colorful dresses and dance to the beats of rhythmic Gujarati songs. In 2017, Garba will be celebrated from September 21 to September 29th.

In the state of Gujarat, Garba is considered as the symbol of good luck and happiness in the lives of the people. The commencement of garba takes place with the establishment of the Garba on the first night of Navaratri. It is a word derived from the Sanskrit word Garbha(womb) and many traditional garbas are performed around a centrally lit lamp or a picture or statue of Goddess Shakti. The festival is hugely celebrated with the famous garba songs one of which is Sanedo which is very popular. The traditional costumes being worn by the people makes the festival more colorful and enjoyable. Women wear chanya choli or ghagra choli, Odhni with bandhani, abhla that is called big mirrors with Gujarati borders on the dresses. Heavy jewellery are also worn such as necklaces, sparkling bangles and earrings which add to the beauty of the festival.





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