Myoko Festival 2018 : Annual festival of Arunachal Pradesh

Myoko Festival 2018 : Annual festival of Arunachal Pradesh

Myoko festival is the annual festival of Arunachal Pradesh. This festival falls on March 20 and continues for 10 days i.e. this year it will fall on March 20 and will end on March 30, 2018. This festival is celebrated in Ziro which is situated in Arunachal Pradesh. Every year this festival is celebrated by Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. This festival lasts for 10 days. This festival of Arunachal Pradesh is mainly celebrated in Spring season. The people who celebrate this festival worship the Sun and Moon and all the nature things. During this festival, many animals are even sacrificed. Pig and chicken are slaughtered as a sacrifice during this festival.

This sacrifice is done on the second day of the festival. The slaughter takes place at the dawn. The priest performs the prayers that lasts for long hours. When the priest will be performing the prayers, the women will sprinkle rice beer and flours on the pigs. Pigs are tied with a stick on the rope. Chickens are sacrificed by another priest. After the chanting is over, the priest selects some pigs and the pigs which are left are sent back to the owner of the pig. The pigs which are selected usually perform a ritual in which the stomach of the pig is cut and the heart is taken out for while the animal still breathes.

This festival has huge importance for the people living there. This festival has some religious beliefs. The slaughtering of the animals usually takes place during the morning prayers. This 10-day long festival experiences a lot of different slaughtering experience. They believe that everything has a power that will cause harm to humans. Many people visit to see this festival. This festival every year comes on the same date and this year Ziro will witness it on March 20 to March 30.

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