Mewar Festival in Udaipur : History, Celebration and Significance

Mewar Festival in Udaipur : History, Celebration and Significance

Mewar festival is celebrated mainly in Udaipur. This festival is associated with Spring season. People of Udaipur usually wears the traditional dress. The whole city looks beautiful. People from far off places come to see this festival. This festival has great importance for the people of Udaipur. This is a perfect festival for women to show their jewellery and dresses. Women’s wear the traditional dress of Rajasthan. Everyone celebrates this festival to mark the welcome to the spring season. Women welcome this season with great excitement and enthusiasm. The domicile people of Rajasthan can only signify its importance.

History of Mewar Festival

The history of Mewar festival is that this place was ruled by the Sisodia dynasty. The king, Maharana Udai Singh met a priest while he was hunting. The holy man was meditating near the view of Lake Pichola. The holy man blessed the King and asked him to build a Palace at that place. The King agreed and founded the city. This day also celebrates the beginning of Spring season.

Celebration of Mewar Festival

A large number of Rituals are associated with this festival. Women dress the idols of Gangaur and Isar beautifully. women’s move around the city holding these idols in their hands. As they reach the Lakh, they take the images on boat. This festival is taken place as girls and women keep dancing and signing their cultural songs. Women flaunt their dresses and keep their cultural events going on.

Many cultural events are also taking place. Women celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. Women carry the idols on the head for a cultural procession. Many rituals are taken place at this time. This festival usually comes with Gangaur festival. It is very easy for one to reach the place of celebration. Women’s usually decorate the house to welcome the new season. Women also prepare good food for everyone.

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