Men dress up right as smart dressing at workplace boosts up confidence

Men dress up right as smart dressing at workplace boosts up confidence
Written by Priyanka sarangi

As per the latest surveys, it has been found that men dress up right at work. Dressing up in the right way at work is very essential to boost your energy and confidence at the same time. Smart dressing boosts up the confidence and helps in rendering an aura filled with passion and right attitude in office but at the same time looking sharp and relaxed is a key aspect in todays work wear fashion. From blending white and black to going for neutral or classic colour scheme can make you look different and classy.

Some of the pointers in regards to men wear at office are:To keep things more conservative, opt for patterns with a neutral or classic color scheme. This will tie your looks together more and will prove useful for versatility. Mixing differently textured shirts with tailored pants will also switch your looks up. Shirts are really the focal point of business casual looks, so ensure they fit well.

The work jacket’s main function is in practicality maneuverability, and it definitely adds an interesting twist to your attire. Blending white or black round neck t-shirt with window checked coat is also an interesting way and you can complete the look with tassel loafers or suede shoes.

A sharp yet trendy look is a club printed shirt with a slim lapel jacket and a sleek tie. It is the ultimate combination that will make sure you are taken seriously. Checkered or pinestriped trousers with solid shirts are also a great pick and to make solid shirts interesting add details like printed inside collar band, contrasting coloured button placket or a double cuff with quirky Cufflinks.

For corporate guys who travel a lot for meetings can opt for a basket weaved office laptop bags in shades of tan or dark brown that can add a suave touch to the overall look. Leather shoes are considered to be an undeniable part of a man’s wardrobe. Brogues are one of the promising shoe style, popped up in early 1900s in Ireland, this shoe style is setting impressive fashion trends at the workplace. Brogues in tones of tans, black, olives and grey are absolute timeless add-on to a man’s wardrobe this season.

Also, a pair of double monk strap shoes handcrafted and hand painted in genuine leather with finesse gives a flawless styling appeal. Perfect for office and formal occasions, these pairs can be paired with chinos and crisp shirts. Break the monotony of laces shoes and go for a monk strap style to give impeccable impression at your workplace.

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