Mahavir Jayanti will be celebrated today i.e. on March 29, 2018. This is a very big celebration for the people of Jain community. This day is celebrated with all the rituals. People of the Jain community on this day go to temple and worship the idols of Lord Mahavira. This day marks a great importance in the life of Jain community. On this day, all the food stuff like are prepared as an offering for the Lord Mahavira. This day marks a great importance in the life of Jains. This day makes a great contribution. On this day, food which is prepared is free from onions, garlic and other root vegetable.

This day has great significance for the Jain community. The teachings of Lord Mahavira as of humility, non-violence, and simplicity, he was a scared person in the Jain community. Mahavir taught people to practice meditation every day. People followed his teaching and his grades are dug deep into the Jain community. People make all the preparation keeping in mind the Jain community. All the things are considered as auspicious one and all the things are valued. This is considered as a most important festival for the Jain people.

This day Jain people go to Temple and worship the idols of Lord Mahavira. This day is celebrated mainly by the people who follow Jainism. This day will be mainly dedicated to Lord Mahavira. Every food product which is prepared on Mahavir Jayanti doesn’t contain onion and garlic. Jains are stern vegetarians. They are taught not to eat any organism as their foodstuff. They prefer eating food before the sundown. Today this day will be celebrated with great pomp and enthusiasm. Today all the food which will be prepared will be in consideration with Jains.

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