Maha Saptami 2017: The third day of Durga Puja

Maha Saptami 2017: The third day of Durga Puja
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Goddess Durga who is believed to be a god being fearless around whom the theory of victory over the evil is associated. If Hindu mythology are to be believed then it is said that Goddess Durga was formed by the gods specially to destroy the demon Mahisasura. Moreover, there is a force and a sense of fear in the name of Goddess Durga where Durg means a ‘fortress’. Literarily, the word Durga means impassable and inaccessible. Durga Puja is an auspicious festival which is being celebrated by the people of West Bengal specially with complete dedication where they fast on the days of puja and at the same time enjoy on the occasion wearing new clothes, crowding the food stalls and wearing Red and white bordered saree. If we take a look at the lunisolar calender, then we can say that Durga Puja falls in the month of Ashvin that is in the month of September or October in Gregorian calender.

Basically, Durga Puja spans for nine to ten days and each day of it holds its own significance. In this festival of nine to ten day, the last four days are of much significance that are celebrated by the people. As per the Hindu Mythology, the maha puja begins on the seventh holy day which is known as Maha Saptami which is derived from the word seven and this year it is being celebrated on September 27.


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