Lunar Eclipse in India 2018 and affects on Pregnant women

Lunar Eclipse in India 2018 and affects on Pregnant women

Eclipse in India is considered as a bad omen for the pregnant women. Pregnant women are given a lot advise before the eclipse. Many person considers that a pregnant women should not be allowed to step out of the house during the eclipse so that the fetus did not get deformed. During an eclipse, the pregnant women is not allowed to use sharp objects like knife, scissors as it is said that it can cause birthmarks or the baby will be born with cleft lips.

There is no scientific reason that the women should not step out of the house. Pregnancy is the most blessed phase in one’s life. Pregnant women should avoid sleeping during the eclipse. Some people suggest that women should sit only on a bed with Durva Grass and chant the Santana Gopala Mantra. Women should take bath after the eclipse is over. Women must not eat during the eclipse. Pregnant women are asked to take proper rest during the eclipse and should avoid household work. There are different cultures in India and India is the grain producer for such superstitions. Where some people agree to the superstitions, there are many who don’t agree to this.

There are also many evidences that proves that eclipse is harmful but it is not only harmful for the pregnant ladies but for everyone that is exposed to it. Pregnant women for years has believed in this. Many women are advised to take bath before and after the eclipse as it removes bacteria from their body. Lunar eclipse can cause breathing troubles, insomnia, stress and cold so this is the reason why it is advised to stay inside. These beliefs are followed from generation to generation and due to this everyone follows it.

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