Lunar Eclipse 2018 in UK, Singapore, Australia, USA and Pakistan and India

Lunar Eclipse 2018 in UK, Singapore, Australia, USA and Pakistan and India

This lunar eclipses will be witnessed in many parts of globe including UK, Singapore, Australia, USA, Pakistan and India. It is also said that this lunar eclipse will take place after 150 years in some countries but some countries will experience it after 35 years. In Australia, this total blue moon lunar eclipse will take place after 35 years. People living in the west of Australia will get a very beautiful view of moon today while east people will get a view but not same as the people living in west.

People living in North America and US experienced this eclipse on March 31, 1866. In Singapore, the lunar eclipse will begin at 7.48 pm. The last time a complete lunar cover-up took place on the second full Moon of the month was December 30, 1982 in Singapore. The blood moon will not be visible in Europe, South America and Africa. The moon rising today will be 14% larger than the normal full moon. Lunar Eclipse in Pakistan will start today at 3:51 pm. The total lunar eclipse will start at 5:52 pm and last till 7:08 pm.

Unfortunately the blue moon which will be experienced on January 31 but UK will not be able to see this as it will take place below the horizon. The penumbral stage will not begin until 10.51am GMT, with totality occurring at 12.51pm. For the first time in 150 years, USA will experience this blue moon lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse in USA will begin at 4:51 a.m. It will last about two hours, 38 minutes. The blue moon lunar eclipse in India will take place after 35 years and it will be seen at 5.20 pm. The eclipse will basically be visible after the sunset and will last for one hour later. Many parts of the globe will experience the full moon lunar eclipse today evening.

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