Lunar Eclipse 2018 A good time for Meditation and chanting

Lunar Eclipse 2018 A good time for Meditation and chanting

Lunar Eclipse is a very good time for meditation and chanting. When Sun, Moon and Earth are in one line , there is a unique energy pattern and it is called eclipse. The mind of the person is connected with the moon, the body of the person is connected with earth and Sun the supreme power is connected with both. It is considered not good for eating and indulging oneself in pleasure activity. Chanting mantra is very good for oneself. Eclipse is a very auspicious time for saadhaks.

It is said that chanting any mantra for 108 times is equal to chanting of the same mantra for 10000 times. Eclipse are also considered good for chanting of any mantra, meditation, mantra repetition and are also considered significant for doing any activity. The energetic affect of the eclipse is felt before and after the day eclipse is over. Mostly, as full moons are regarded as a tide of change, celebrations take place to heal and move forward. Spiritual energies are easily at the time of lunar eclipse and thus it makes meditation easy. The effect of eclipse is so much that the person confess his or her grudges and even make the person emotionally weak.

When a person is doing some stable work, his mind comes to rest at that time. It is considered that during meditation, the mind is at rest. During eclipse the one thing that is highly affected in mind. Many people consider that the eclipse energy is negative and that do chanting and meditation to avoid the negative effect coming down from the eclipse. Ancestors says that chanting during the eclipse is good as it reduces the pain and sorrows if one do chanting during the eclipse.

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