All over the world, including India, Krishna Janmashtami 2017 celebrations have already started. The festival, Janmashtami will be celebrated on August 14th and August 15th, 2017. The reason and history for the big celebrations is the birth of Lord Krishna, which happened in the mid night, back more than five hundred years ago.

Back in the history, Janmashtami has a major reason as, according to the Puranas, Ashtami dates were embraced by Lod Krishna, in the Bhadrapad month, and therefore we celebrate this day. The celebration is not restricted in India, but people all over the globe, in the foreign land, celebrate Janmashtami with great joy and happiness. The festival is celebrated with utmost Hindu faith and believe. It is said and people do believe the fact that, five thousand, two hundred and three years ago, Lord Krishna, came in this universe in the mid night and glorified this place with his mischievous acts with his brother, Balram and other fellow female friends, called as gopi ya all over.

The major cities, where celebration goes beyond over imagination is Mathura. Since, it is the place where the cruel Kansa mama’s incarnation was done my Lord Krishna, in the month of Bhadrapada. Therefore, a big celebration is done in the streets and houses of Mathura. People all over India visit the place and enjoy the colors of Janmashtami. Temples are beautifully decorated with fresh flowers. Apart from decoration, the celebration also includes Raslila, which is beautifully organized in the places and temples.

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