International Women’s Day 2018: Celebration and its meaning

International Women’s Day 2018: Celebration and its meaning
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

International Women’s day is celebrated every year on March 8. This day is celebrated in almost every country around the globe. This day is celebrated to praise women for their achievements and their success. On this day, many events are conducted where women’s are invited to give speech, motivate other women and they often speak about their success. Many seminars, conferences are held at different places. The main motive of conducting all events are to honour women on this day. The importance of Girl education and all the rights that women hold is emphasized. This day is basically made for motivating the Women.

In School, Colleges students organize special events for the women’s day. They make their teachers feel special on this day. Today women and men have equal rights but all people are not aware of it so many workshops are conducted in which the people are made aware of. Women’s living in the rural area are not aware of the rights that hold so many workshops will take place. Every year different message and theme is set for the celebration. The color that symbolize women is purple. Many gender equality plays are also organized where equality between men and women is clearly specified.

Many real life incidents are also narrated through the plays which take place on Women’s day. Many organization confirms the security and safety of women at workplace. Many workshops also teaches self-defense and all the benefits of self-defense. Women are all free to speak about their personal experiences,incidents. This day marks the great importance of women. It makes one aware of all the things that are going around the world. This day is celebrated worldwide and even in India this day has great importance and this day is celebrated with special seminars. Every year it is witnessed on March 8.

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