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Holi Horoscope 2018 : different zodiac sign

Holi Horoscope 2018 : different zodiac sign

Holi is the festival that India will witness on March 2, 2018. Holika Dahan takes place on one night before the Holi day of colors. Holika Dahan will take place on March 1, 2018. The zodiac sign are affected when sign changes and new festival colors. It marks a change in the signs. This festival is celebrated with pomp and great zeal. Holika Dahan is the burning of holika. Holi is celebrated to mark the win of good over evil. The negativity is retarded by the burning of holika. This festival is linked to colors, sticks and even flowers. Different types of holi are also there which has its own significance.

Here are some of the horoscope of the zodiac sign:

The Aries are usually the first ones to start the festival of Holi. They may even shout aloud wishing happy holi and invite everyone to join them. They love to lead groups. So, on Holi also, they will not miss the chance to form a group and lead their friends through all the festivities.

The only people who may properly use this holiday are Taurus. However, they will love to play Holi with everyone  and use different colors. They may have more friends of the opposite gender in their friend list who may love to accompany them on this day.

The Gemini may have more plans this day. They will spend the day with joy. They would love to use different colors, and their choice of colors would also be noticeable as everyone will praise.

The home-loving Cancer people would love to invite everyone at home and may make all necessary arrangements done. They love to play Holi more with colored water than with plain, dry colored powder.

The Leo people may have more than one invitation on this day. They don’t like to play Holi for the entire day. There celebrations are usually quite ones.

The Virgo are the most disciplined person who may have a perfectly planned day. Holi might be a day on which they also do some Public Relation activity. It is highly likely that they will meet some old friends, acquaintances, whom they haven’t met for long.

The Libra need to find proper company to play Holi. However, they do get play with any group. They will be able to have true fun on this day.

The Scorpio love to play Holi but they love to be in their comfort zone. Once they watch people playing Holi, they won’t be able to resist.

The Sagittarius love to celebrate Holi with Extrovert and enthusiastic people. Various colors and people from various cultural backgrounds are the guest of them. They  play folk songs while everyone is enjoying Holi.

The Capricorn may play Holi for a little time and then may try to get back in their original and natural form as they do not like to be untidy for a long time.

The Aquarius has a huge big friend circle and they prefer to celebrate the day with friends.

The watery Pisces surely take dips in water filled with different colors on this day. They can be very sweet hosts and will treat their guests with love and warmth.

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