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HOLI 2018 :Significance of Different colors

HOLI 2018 :Significance of Different colors

Holi is a dynamic  Hindu spring festival that is celebrated in India. It is also known as the festival of colors or the festival of love. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil. This festival is usually witnessed during the arrival of spring and the end of winter. It is also a festive day to meet others,play holi with them and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. On this day, many relationship are mend. This dynamic festival is welcomed by the people of India. Different colors of holi signifies different meanings.

Holi is usually played with colors and wet-colors. Orange colors signifies enthusiasm and it represents the social-communication between the people. Yellow is the color of Joy, it reflects the things that goes in one’s life. Green is the color of calmness and it brings harmony. Blue is the color of trust and peace. It maintains peace in ones life. Pink color signifies unconditional love and the nurting care. It holds infinite love and care. Magenta is the color of peace and emotional balance. It maintains all the balance between the emotions. Brown is the color that is related to security, mature wealth and protection.

There are many people who are allergic to colors. Red color signifies love and it is basically the color of love. Colors are applied to each other to celebrate the win of good over the evil and the festival of forgetting the mistakes of others. Youngsters usually play with Gulal and the wet color. Holi is popular in India and everyone celebrates it with colors and wet colored water. This year also on March 2, India will witness the festival of colors. People who are allergic to colors should use organic colors.

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