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HOLI 2018 : Negative effects of colors and awareness from colors

HOLI 2018 : Negative effects of colors and awareness from colors

Holi is a festival of colors or otherwise said it is a festival of win of good over the evil. The holi will start from the evening of March 1 and will continue till evening of March 2, 2018. The puja of Holi is prohibited to perform the bonfire of the Holika Dahan before the Sunset as that can be not really be the cause for bringing in a lot of misfortune in life. It must be performed on a specific time on the Purnima Tithi only after the Sunset. Colors are usually applied after the holi puja ends and the day followed is called holi.

During Holi, one should use organic colors if they are allergic to colors. In order to prevent the skin from harmful colors one must use organic colors. Not only the quality of colors affect us but even the color of the holi colors affect us. Red color which is known as the color of Love is extracted from the Mercury Sulphide and it causes Skin allergies. Silver color which is less use is extracted from the Aluminium Bromide contains carcinogens. This color contains harmful chemicals which causes cancer. Though this is less used but it also affects the mood of the person.

Purple color is extracted from the Chromium Iodine and it causes asthma. It causes breathing problems. Green is obtained from Copper Sulphate and it causes allergies in eyes. Colors are the main course which is used on the day of holi. Holi is the only festival on the Indian calendar that witness the joy and fun. Colors has great strength of communication and can convey very strong messages as blue is the color that can calm one’s mind. Some colors has universal meaning and it imparts a lot of information to them. Red where has negative effects also stimulates the blood circulation.

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