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Holi 2018: History, Rituals and its significance

Holi 2018: History, Rituals and its significance

Holi is a festival of fun and joy. Holi is a cultural festival with many rituals. This festival is celebrated with pomp and great zeal. Holika Dahan is the burning of holika. Holi is celebrated to mark the win of good over evil. The negativity is retarded by the burning of holika. This festival is linked to colors, sticks and even flowers. Different types of holi are also there which has its own significance. This festival is related to the win of good over the evil. Holi is a festival of colors and on this day people usually forgets all the evil things one has done and usually forgives the person.

Every year this festival brings a lot of joy in one’s life. Holi marks the win of good things. People in India will experience the festival with different colors. Each color has its own different special meaning. This festival is not only experienced by people of our country but also by people of the world. This festival is celebrated world-wide. Holi experiences a lot of things. Many people go out and play holi with friends and family. Rituals that are associated with this is Holika Dahan and playing holi with colors.

In Mathura, holi lasts for even more than a week. Rituals even includes the playing of Holi with different colors. After a day of play with colors, people clean up, wash and bathe and dress up in the evening and greet friends and relatives by visiting them and exchanging sweets. Holi is also a festival of forgiveness and new starts, which ritually aims to generate harmony in the society. People even make offering to Kaamadeva, the love god of Indian mythology. Children and youths take extreme delight in the festival. People for fun also play holi with clay and mud.

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