Heat Stroke in Summers : Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Heat Stroke in Summers : Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Heat Stroke is a very dangerous condition in which the body is exposed to excessive heat. As the weather is changing and so as our body temperatures will also change. In a conversation with Newsfolo, Dr. Pankaj Gupta made many points clear regarding the heat stroke that why it occurs and what are the immediate remedies which should be given to the person. He said that it is not a disease or any specific problems that needs a medicinal treatment. He told that when the body temperature is not able to meet with the outside temperature, people usually suffers from heatstroke.

He told us that Heat stroke should not be considered lightly as in the past years many people have died due to this. The symptoms specified by him were muscle cramps, a rapid increase in pulse rate, headache. When a person do sports activity for a long time usually due to excessive heat the sweat is profuse and the people suffers from Heatstroke. He suggested that sportsperson should not do drink water soon after practising in the Sun. Usually in the summers the body waste is erected through sweat but when in the summers the body stops erecting waste in form of sweat person usually suffers from this.

He claimed that the person who suffers from heatstroke must be taken to a clean place and the crowd around the patient should be cleared so as to clear the crowd. He suggested that a wet cloth will be helpful as to lower down the body temperature. He further added that drinking less water will cause the body temperature to drain and person will suffer from dehydration. He also said that person who is going outside in the summers should not wear dark and tight clothes so that the air passes and the person breathe in the crowded area too. He also specified that person who goes outside must drink glucose, lemon juice and other beverages at a short interval. He also told Newsfolo that person should be consulted to a doctor immediately.

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